Z-tuff Powder Steel Katana


Polishing Grade:   Mirror polishing, fake hamon
Heat Treatment: Vacuum Heat Treatment
Curve(SORI):About 1.5cm
Tsuba:lron                   Mekugiana:One
Menuki:Brass             Seppa:Red Copper
Fuchi and Kashira:Brass
Product Weight:1130g (with saya), 945g (without saya)

Kindly remind:  Hand-made products, the data will be slightly different for each one.


The material of this blade is a powder metallurgy tool steel called Z-TUFF produced by ZAPP American branch company. Z-TUFF is improved from CD#1 powder steel. It has the highest toughness among powder steels with a hardness of 60. It may also be one of the most wear-resistant steels among ductile materials. Generally improving wear resistance requires reducing toughness. Well Z-TUFF has a very nice balance of toughness, wear resistance and hardness. Z-TUFF contains 1.5% nickel in its composition, which makes it have a good toughness in low temperature.
This product is made by vacuum heat treatment + cryogenic treatment skill which especially to make swords or knives. It’s hardness is about 60HRC, and the impact toughness is about 130J, experience twelve times of manual grinding.The hamon is a fake straight hamon made later, whose purpose is to increase its beauty. You can choose not to add hamon.
This material cannot be used to make swords with a blade length of 70cm or more due to the limitation. And we do not recommend to make long swords(longer than 70cm)with this material too. Various swords can be customized within the blade length of 70cm by this steel.

Tips:This sword is totally hand-polished, the pure flat surface is super sharp, and its own hardness is high, so don’t use it to cut the old bamboo which is very thick and don’t cut the bottleneck of the mineral water bottle. Normally cutting the green bamboo, wood, straw mat, and mineral water bottle body would not damage the blade. It has good sharpness retentivity and good rust resistance (but not absolutely stainless).


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