Wing Tamahagana Katana


This Tamahagana Katana is made entirely with our new fittings. Fuchi,kashira,menuki and tsuba are high-percision, ito is pure silk, rayskin has big particles (emperor node). And tsuka is totally made according to the Nakago, so is Saya, which could slove the problem of abnormal sound. Saya’s color is customizable and can be selected from the Saya category on our website.

Polishing Grade:   Sashikomi  A++
Blade Material: Tamahagane
Heat Treatment:Clay Tempered
Blade Length(Cutting edge): 70cm  Tsuka:26cm
Width at the Hamachi(Moto-Haba): 3.18cm
Thickness at the Moto-Kasane: 0.70cm
Wide at the Kissaki(Saki-Haba): 2.40cm
Rivet Holes(Mekugiana): one
Tsuba:Red copper with brass                 Menuki:Brass
Seppa:Red copper
Tsuka:Haichi                Fuchi and Kashira:Brass
Product Weight:1178g (with saya), 1050g (without saya)

Kindly remind:  Handmade products, the data will be slightly different for each one.



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