Blade Steel: high hardness,high toughness tool steel

Quenching:Vacuum heat treatment
Hacho:70cm/Tsuka:26cm                Curve(SORI):About 1.5cm
Tsuba:Iron                            Menuki:Brass
Seppa:Red copper          Habaki: Red copper
Samekawa:Really            Tsuka: Haichi
Fuchi and Kashira:Brass             Koiguchi,Kurikata,Kojiri: Horn
Product weight:Containing saya (1250g)Not included saya :(1010g)

Toughness is very important for long swords. spring steel samurai sword can only be about 80J (when the hardness is 57hrc), such as ASTM9260。
This one does not use Temper Clay quenching craftsmanship. Its quenching craftsmanship is ‘vacuum heat treatment’. So its hamon is fake, in order to make it more beautiful. And the blade is not black-plated, the color comes from the steel itself.
The advantage of modern high-performance materials is that they are more durable and have better sharpness retention. When test chopping, it is best to cut only bamboo and mats, because bamboo and mats will not let the blade get V-shaped notches. Once these overall quenched high-performance materials have V-shaped notches, the probability of breaking will be very high.

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