tuoyuan bohi katana



 Hacho /blade length- 71cm

 Motohaba- 3.2cm

 Motokasane – 0.7cm

 Sakihaba – 2.4cm

 Sakikasane – 0.5cm

 Nakago Length -26cm

 Sori/curvature – about1.5cm

 Mekugi-ana- 1

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Self-smelting katana of Clay Temper keisho polishing

Hand Forged,Clay tempered, Hand polished full length

 The edge hardness

Art sword with a blade hardness of 54-55HRC

Tameshigiri Polish,Visible Natural  Prominent Notare

Shinogi Zukuri with Geometric Yokote

Brass tsuba, fuchi sum kashira,menuki

Habaki, seppa made of red copper

Ito of suede and rayon imported from Japan

 Full tang,Very tightly alternate & HISHI-GAMI TSUKAMAKI

Black gloss finish Saya

 Can be disassembled for maintanence



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