S7 High Performance KATANA(Chinese Version)


If you choose handmade saya, the production time at least will be 2 months longer.

■F&K:White Copper
■Menuki:Brass Blaked
■Seppa: Nickel-Plated Brass
■Habaki:White Copper
■Tsuka:(Haichi Style)
■Tsuka Samegawa:White Ray Skin
■Tsuka Ito:Fake Silk・Black(With Hishigami)
■Kashira&Kurikata Shitodome:White Copper
■Saya:Hron Koiguchi、Kurikata、Kojiri
■Saya Style:黑石目塗り (Oil Lacquer)
■Sageo:Fake silk Sageo
■Sori:About 1.5CM
■Tsuka Length:26CM
■Bohi:No Bohi
■Material:S7 High Performance Steel
■Hamon Style:Suguha Style
■Blade Style:Shinogi Zukuri
■Heat Treatment: Oil Quenching
■With And Without Saya Weight:1271g/1064g

Warning:The data is just for reference because the handmade products’s data has error.
■Polishing:Mirror Polishing



This is our second and also the last katana in Chinese version we launched. We don’t want to launch too many products in Chinese version because they are not so perfect compared to our international version. We think this will affect our brand.
But this time we want to make this katana because the feedback on the Clay Tempered Folded Steel Katana(Chinese version) is good and some of the customers want us to make a product in Chinese version by Oil Quenching craft.
As I said last time when we launched the Folded Steel Katana(Chinese version), although it is a Chinese version, its craft exceeds most of the more expensive katanas you have seen.
But if you place an order for this katana, please indicate that this is our Chinese version product when posting it on the internet, distinguishing from our international version.

One thing to mention, the blade with vacuum heat treatment has a very good hardness and high strength, so the sori is not easy to adjust once it’s heat-treated. Maybe the sori doesn’t meet your taste.

To learn the other katana in Chinese version, please click this link: https://www.swordjp.com/product/sakura-folded-steel-katana



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