LD steel High Performance katana


Grinding grade:  Ordinary polishing
Blade Steel: high hardness,high toughness tool steel
quenching:Vacuum heat treatment
Hacho:70cm/Tsuka:26cm      Curve(SORI):About 1.5cm
Tsuba:Iron       Menuki:Brass
Seppa:Red copper      Habaki: Brass
Samekawa:Really      Tsuka: Haichi
Fuchi and Kashira:Brass      Koiguchi,Kurikata,Koiri: Horn
Product weight:Containing saya (1191g)Not included saya :(987g)
Hand-made products, the data will be slightly different, please be aware


The hardness of this katana is 58-59HRC, and the impact toughness is 110J+, Vacuum heat treatment. It is polished by hand, and the overall hardness is too high, so it’s difficult to completely polish away the scratches on the surface. Therefore, compared with traditional art sword, its polishing looks not so beautiful. Its hamon is a fake straight hamon made later, in order to increase its beauty.

The impact toughness of LD steel under 60HRC hardness is almost the same with 59HRC. And the cost to make 59 or 60 is also the same. Then why don’t we make it into 60HRC? (I know some of you always pursue hardness, and consider higher hardness is better.) Just because the katana is too long and it’s heat-treated over all, the impact it receives during chopping is too strong, incomparable with a short sword. Therefore the key point is to make it difficult to fracture. And reducing the hardness can greatly increase the fracture toughness, making it not that easy to fracture. (hardness dropped a bit, while fracture toughness increased a lot.) That’s why we make it 59HRC. I think we must get rid of the inherent thinking of short swords. Hardness is not always right. The difference between short sword and the long sword are like the difference between sports car and off-road vehicle. They are completely different.

The advantage of modern high-performance materials is that they are more durable and have better sharpness retention. When test chopping, it is best to cut only bamboo and mats, because bamboo and mats will not let the blade get V-shaped notches.


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