Legend Tamahagana Kobuse Katana


Polishing Grade:   Sashikomi  A++
Blade Material: Tamahagana
Heat Treatment: Clay Tempered
Blade length(Hacho): 70cm/Tsuka: 26cm
Width at the hamachi(Moto-Haba): 3.15cm
Thickness at the Moto-Kasane: 0.71cm
Wide at the Kissaki(Saki-Haba): 2.5cm
Rivet Holes(Mekugiana): one
Tsuba:Iron                 Menuki:Brass
Seppa:Red Copper      Tsuka:Haichi
Fuchi and Kashira: Brass
Product Weight: 1270g (with saya), 1010g (without saya)

Kindly remind:  Handmade products, the data will be slightly different for each one.



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