Nagamaki-Zukuri Katana


The marudome and habaki in the picture are customized by the customers, the actual product’s normal style is Kakudome, and two piece habaki.
Ito is made of kapok material imported from Japan, and sageo is made of silk imported from Japan.

Kindly remind:  Handmade products, the data will be slightly different for each one.

If you choose handmade saya, the production time at least will be 2 months longer.

■Seppa:Red Copper
■Habaki:Red Copper
■Tsuka:Handmade Tsuka(Haichi Style)
■Tsuka Samegawa:White Rayskin(Large Emperor Node)
■Tsuka Ito:Kapok Ito Imported From Japan・Creamy-White(High Quality Hishigami)
■Kashira&Kurikata Shitodome:Black
■Saya:Hron Koiguchi、Kurikata、Kojiri
■Saya Style:黑石目塗り (Oil Lacquer)
■Sageo:Fake Silk Sageo
■Sori:About 1.1CM
■Tsuka Length:26CM
■Bohi:Naginata-Bi With Soe Bi/Kakudome
■Material:Smelted Steel (improved by ourselves)
■Hamon Style:Gunome Style
■Blade Style:Nagamaki Zukuri
■Heat Treatment:  Clay Temper
Weight with/without Saya :1130g/945g

Warning:The data is just for reference because the handmade products’s data has error.
■Polishing:Sashikomi A+




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