Mizutori katana


Blade length:70cm               Curve(SORI):About 1.5cm

Tsuba:Brass                          Mekugiana:One

Menuki:Brass                       Seppa:Red copper

Samekawa:Really                   Tsuka:Haichi

Fuchi and Kashira:Brass        Koiguchi,Kurikata,Kojiri:Horn

Product weight:containing saya (1310g)Not included saya :(1010g)

    Blade length-71cm
  The main leaf-approximately 3.2cm
Sakihaba-about 2.4cm
    Sakikasane-about 0.47cm
Sori/ curvature-approximately 1.5cm
   Mekugi-ana- 1
Structure: Maru
Note: There will be slight errors in manual product data
Clay Temper sashikomi4A folded Steel
Jihada Is Very Delicate
Hand forged, clay tempered, hand polished
   Edge hardness
An artistic sword with a blade hardness of about 55HRC
Tameshigiri, Poland, the visible nature is remarkable Notare
Shinogi Zukuri and Geometry Yokote
Iron blackened tsuba, iron blackened fuchi and kashira,
Brass Habaki, seppa made of copper
Saya, koiguchi, kurikata, and kojiri are all made of horns
tsuka uses real fish skin patches


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