Iaito Sword (Blunt Sword)


Polishing Grade:  Mirror Polishing
Blade Material:  Stainless Steel
Heat Treatment:  Oil Quenching
Length(Hacho):  70cm/Tsuka:26cm
Curve (Sori): about 1.5cm
Center of gravity: about 13cm near the blade
Tsuba: Iron                        Menuki: Brass
Seppa: Red copper           Habaki: Brass
Fuchi and Kashira: Brass
Koiguchi, Kurikata, Kojiri: Horn
Mekugiana: One
Product Weight: 1026g (with saya),  830g (without saya)

Kindly remind:  Handmade products, the data will be slightly different for each one.


This stainless steel Iaito sword has been carefully adjusted, to improve the gravity feel and other various details. The center of gravity is about 13cm away from the tsuba. The saya is new horn thin saya, which is more comfortable to hold. The kojiri is made round, which is more beautiful and coordinated. We also improved the style of kissaki, the depth as well as the shape of the hi, and the position of the marudome.
The shape of tsuka is haichi, the tsukamaki is made by kapok imported from Japan, with hishigami and real fish skin patch. The sageo is rayon imported from Japan,ITO is the cotton material imported by Japan. The Kashira and Fuchi is manufactured with high precision.


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