Dragon Koshirae Katana(Juka Choji Hamon)


If you choose handmade saya, the production time at least will be 2 months longer.

■F&K:White Copper  (Double Color)
■Menuki:Sterling Silver (Dragon Style)
■Seppa: Nickel Plated Brass
■Habaki:White Copper(Yoko-Yasuri Style)
■Tsuka:Handmade Tsuka(Haichi Style)
■Tsuka Samegawa:White Rayskin(Large Emperor Node)
■Tsuka Ito:Japanese Silk・Creamy-White(High Quality Hishigami)
■Kashira&Kurikata Shitodome:White Copper
■Saya:Hron Koiguchi、Kurikata、Kojiri
■Saya Style:青貝微塵塗り(Urushi)
■Sageo:Japanese Silk・Creamy-White
■Sori:About 1.5CM
■Tsuka Length:26CM
■Bohi:No Bohi
■Material:Smelted Steel (improved by ourselves)
■Hamon Style:Juka-Choji
■Blade Style:Shinogi Zukuri
■Heat Treatment:  Clay Tempered
Weight with/without Saya :1235g/1027g

Warning:The data is just for reference because the handmade products’s data has error.
■Polishing:Sashikomi A++




Dragon Koshirae Katana’s scabbard is urushi saya, it is handmade.
There are more than 30 steps in the production of the Urushi process, and each step takes at least 2-3 days to dry. If there is some accident, it will be longer. There are many factors affecting the completion of Urushi production, such as temperature, humidity and so on. Urushi saya must be dried naturally at a proper temperature. The harsh temperature in winter and summer would make the production slow down.

Click this link to go to saya:https://www.swordjp.com/product/urushi-saya-006
However, if you are willing to pay a higher price and can wait for it, it will give you a surprise.



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