The hasaki under the yokotesuji was not entirely sharpened before

The hasaki under the yokotesuji was not entirely sharpened before. Because we make the real geometry yokotesuji. This case is normal amoun the mass-produced sword. It won’t happen if it’s not real geomitry yokotesuji. Now we have solved this problem. However with the increase in cost.

Our tsuka is handmade

We use handmade tsuka, which is easy to disassemble. But during transportation, the vibration of the tsuka might cause the habaki or the tsuba to be loose. It can be reassembled by tapping the Kashira. Remember not to hit Kashira too hard, because some Kashira is made of copper, which is soft. Hitting too hard would cause deformation.

Four kinds of high-precision japanese samurai swords fuchi & kashira are ready

Four kinds of high-precision fuchi & kashira are coming. Those who have ordered katana and haven’t yet delivered could contact us for free replacement. And there are dozens of new high-precision fittings in the making process now. We will change all of our products to these high-precision fittings in the future

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