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If you just want to change the color of saya or the style of fittings, it will be fast (no customization fee). But if you want blade customization, it will take a long time (customization fee is 30% of the order amount). Blade customize means to custom saya and paint as well. And there is unexpected phenomenon during blade production, such as cracks, which require re-manufacturing. So to custom blades would take months or more.
These are three polishing skills, one is sashikomi(traditional polishing), one is kesho(modern polishing)and the other is basic polishing. Our products are all made by sashikomi normally and the sashikomi is divided into three levels:A / A+ /A++. If you only need kesho or basic polishing, it can be $200 cheaper for A class, $300 cheaper for A+ class, and $600 cheaper for A++ class.
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