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For over 20 years we are producing high-quality swords, and now we started our exclusive, international line of swords.

All of our katana swords are made with a focus on functionality and durability, as well as visual appearance so you can be confident that your sword will last for years to come.

Each sword is designed with an impeccable fit and finish adhering to traditional Japanese design. The blades of our swords are made of high-carbon steel and are designed to be both strong and flexible. Koshaire is made with attention to details which ensures perfect alignment between tsuka, tsuba, and blade. Each sword is hand-made with attention to details in order to produce one-of-a-kind samurai sword according to your needs.

Our choice of options range including swords made using Traditional Tamahagane (Steel smelted from Iron Sand), Forge-Folded steel with Traditional clay-tempered cutting edge, Forge-Folded through-hardened blades, and blades forged out of contemporary tool steel. Whether you are looking for a katana to use in your martial arts training, or simply want a beautiful piece to hang on your wall, our international line swords are an excellent choice.

If you’re looking for one of a kind functional, custom katana, Z-Sey Forge and Katana Sword Shop has the perfect sword for you.

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We have resumed our international retail operations, but we are not directly involved in sales. We have partnered with Dragon Sword Company (swordcn.com) to handle the sale of our products. A dedicated product category for our items will be featured on the Dragon Sword website. They are responsible for the entire process, from pre-sales to after-sales support. This arrangement enables us to reduce operational costs and dedicate our full attention to product manufacturing.
We have decided to temporarily suspend international retail operations. Wholesale business remains unaffected. Please refrain from inquiring about retail purchases via email. Product after-sales inquiries are not affected. We will not reopen international retail operations until our financial situation improves. Thank you very much for your continuous support. If anyone needs high-quality mass-produced Japanese swords, you can visit www.swordcn.com, where their quality may be slightly inferior to ours, but they excel in the field of mass production.
We will give a rough estimate of production time for customized products, but as they are handmade, unexpected issues may arise, such as defects that require re-production. This means that the production period is uncertain and may exceed one month, which is normal. In addition, customization is also affected by uncontrollable factors such as the weather. For example, painting the saya cannot be done during the rainy season. Therefore, we ask for your understanding if we cannot complete your order on time, as the delay is necessary to provide you with a perfect product. We recommend purchasing ready-made products whenever possible.
Advantages of Oil Quenching: 1. Good elasticity, not easy to bend even in bad cut 2. High-end steel with oil quenching has better sharpness retention | Advantages of Clay Tempering: 1. Good toughness, not easy to break 2. Better shock absorption 3. Blades are more aesthetically pleasing after polishing 4. More collectible 5.The curvature of the blade will be more elegant.
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